Create accessible mindfulness & mindfulness trainings for first responders

Gina Rollo White, MA Mindfulness Studies, is the founder and director of Mindful Junkie Outreach.  A mind body teacher, educator, and author of thesis Mindfulness and Law Enforcement, An Effective Approach to Implementing Mindfulness for First Responders, she has spent over fifteen years teaching mind body interventions, with the last four years specifically focused on first responders (law enforcement, correctional, fire, etc.).

Gina has worked with leadership from police departments (Los Angeles, CA; Manhattan Beach, CA; Alexandria, VA), Sheriff’s Departments (Alexandria, VA), fire departments (El Segundo and Manhattan Beach), and special task force detectives (VA), delivering curriculum specifically tailored to those working in high trauma environments. The Criminal Justice Mindfulness Training Curriculum authored by Gina was DCJS approved and has been used as the backbone for all her mindfulness workshops for first responders.

Gina's mission is to empower first responders with mindfulness strategies to be safe, healthy, and emotionally regulated. She teaches first responders tools to deal with stress and trauma, as well as increase compassion and empathy. She teaches first responders how to manage reactions, notice impulses, and work through emotions - on the job and when they go home.

In order for mindfulness to be accessible and sustainable for first responders, it has to meet them where they are. Rather than taking an ‘outside in’ approach and bringing a mindfulness instructor into the department, Mindful Junkie works from the inside out. We empower first responders with resources to teach mindfulness in their own departments -- in between calls, at the end of shifts, or whenever the moment arises. This breakthrough approach creates in-house ‘mindfulness aids’ who can support their colleagues in the moment, when these practices are most desperately needed.

The goal: empower first responders with mindfulness strategies to be healthier, safer, and emotionally regulated - both on the job, and at home.


"Life's most persistent and urgent question is 'What are you doing for others?"

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr