Gina Rollo White

Gina Rollo White


Mindful Junkie, founded by Gina Rollo White, is based in Alexandria, VA, and offers training for the mind and the body.  With an emphasis on teaching Mindfulness techniques, Mindful Junkie also teaches Pilates, connecting the circle of the mind and body relationship.

Gina, founder of Mindful Junkie and Mindful Junkie Outreach, is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and instructor.   She earned a Master's Degree in Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University.  This pioneering graduate program offers the nation's only master's level degree in Mindfulness.   Gina also has a Professional Certificate in Mindfulness from the University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and she received her Mindfulness Training Certificate in teaching Mindfulness from MindfulSchools.

Gina currently teaches mindfulness practices across a diverse set of people and environments, including; youth, adolescents, adult one-on-one, classrooms, organizations, workshops and retreats.  

She recently started a non profit organization - Mindful Junkie Outreach - focusing on bringing mindfulness to underserved populations.  She is currently working with local  Law Enforcement agencies to bring mindfulness into the departments.

Gina is also an experienced Pilates  instructor.  Gina has been training with techniques passed down from Joseph Pilates for over 10 years. She believes in the mind / body connection, and she felt a strong pull to incorporate training the mind as part of her physical training efforts.  Gina believes that for optimum health, it is important to train your body and mind together.